Dave's Letter to the Editor - Treatment Vital to Stopping Pill Mills

I am writing in response to the April 20 Dispatch article “ ‘Pill mill’ owner, six physicians indicted on drug charges.” The license to prescribe our most dangerous substances is granted to but a few.

Unfortunately, and because of the actions of some rogue prescribers, the physician-patient relationship was corrupted and the result poured pills into the streets of our communities, causing untold hardship to Ohioans. State lawmakers found themselves in a position where inaction was not an option.

Since the enactment of House Bill 93 a year ago, Ohio has seen a dramatic change in the conversation and culture surrounding prescription-drug abuse and controlled substances. Physicians have become more careful about prescribing, pill mills have been shut down, families are seeking treatment for loved ones and the number of prescription-related deaths has begun to decrease.

As the Dispatch article illustrated, it is not just physicians who are the problem, but the addicts themselves. This is where we need to start focusing our attention as we move on to the next step in this fight: Meaningful treatment.

Treatment is more than just getting addicts off of drugs. It is pinpointing the root cause of addiction; whether that be mental, physical or behavioral. Once we provide an addict with the proper balance of therapy, only then can we begin to see a true transformation.

I applaud the efforts of our responsible physicians, pharmacists, law enforcement and Ohio citizens as they continue to fight every day to protect people from the dangers of prescription-drug abuse. The vast majority of prescribers are hardworking, passionate individuals, but the damage done by a few will have a lasting impact.


26th District, Ohio Senate



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