Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time to visit my Policy Project, A Prescription for Ohio.  As I write to you today, there is no doubt Ohio and our nation have tremendous challenges before us.  However, I believe in the depths of my heart, that our best days lie ahead of us, not behind us.  That’s why it’s important to focus on how to help Ohioans be in a position to compete and grow in the years ahead.  My intent is not to play political games, but to put forward bold goals and solutions that keep our children and grandchildren in Ohio.  Like you, I don’t want to have to get on a plane and travel across the country to see my grandchildren because Ohio lacked opportunity.

In order to not squander our chance at a better future for our children and grandchildren, we not only need bold goals and solutions, we also need bold leadership.  Leaders who are willing to say no to the special interest groups; Leaders who will communicate to their constituents face to face, not just through media releases and form letters; Leaders who will take risks in order to secure a better future for Ohio; and Leaders who have transparent and clear guiding principles.  By starting off your tour of my Policy Project, A Prescription for Ohio, with a brief overview of my guiding principles, I hope you will gain insight into how I build public policy which is focused on the people I serve, not the special interest groups that stand in the way of a better future for Ohioans.   I hope to see you out in the district!




Dave Burke

Guiding Principles

I believe the true strength of our nation and state rests inside each family and member of our society. Each person is born with a God given talent in which they should be free to grow in order to achieve maximum success. 


The economy is on everyone’s mind right now and rightfully so.  Although we have made tremendous progress in Ohio, we still have a ways to go.  Not surprisingly, it seems the economy will be the number one issue facing voters in the upcoming election. 


Ohio farms remain the centerpiece of our economic success. Each farm forms the fabric which has made and continues to keep Ohio economically stable. 

Health Care

The cost of health care is a growing expense in which we all share.  Government spending on healthcare is at the heart of our nation’s budget deficit problem.  Furthermore, the more our State government spends on healthcare, the less it has available for other priorities such as education and public health. 


Families make the best choices for their children. Whether this is public schools or private schools, parents and children should be at the center of education.  


Energy is a key component of cost in all products. We cannot compete in global market unless we lessen the cost through new and creative ways. 


Taxes serve a purpose. However, not all taxes, abetments, write-offs and schemes benefit the state or society 

Responsible Government

Government should reflect the family finance values demonstrated at each kitchen table across Ohio. Plan a budget, live within your means, and sometimes find creative and different ways to achieve goals. 


With the constant return of veterans from one of America’s longest wars, we should be capitalizing on the skills these fine men and women return home with. 


As a life-long member of the National Rifle Association, I value our 2nd Amendment rights.  I also value our scenic lands and hope my son will be able to hunt on the very land I’ve hunted on. 

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