Meet Dave

Ohio has been my home my entire life. I was born in Cincinnati and adopted by my loving parents in Marion, at 2 months of age. 

I graduated from St. Mary’s elementary and Marion Catholic High School and then attended Ohio Northern University in Ada where I met my wife Donna. She graduated in biology in 1989 and then attended Ohio State to earn her degree in pharmacy. I graduated in 1990 in pharmacy and then Capital University in 1994 obtaining an MBA. We even had time to get married in 1991, the best day of my life yet. I have been married to my wife Donna for over 20 years and we have 2 wonderful children, Alexandra (13) and Adam (8).

Growing up in Marion County, I always knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. Ultimately, my wife and I decided we wanted live in a more rural community and pursue the American dream of being entrepreneurs. I remember very clearly the day we drove through Marysville and I saw an abandoned corner gas station. I knew in my heart that would be the future location of our family business. Dave’s Pharmacy opened in 1997 and now proudly employs 12 people and fills of thousands prescriptions each week.

I entered politics nine years ago to make things better in our community. As Vice-President of the Marysville City Council, I have worked to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of our growing community. I have actively authored and sponsored legislation that has and will make our town better than it was yesterday. Some pieces of legislation I have written include Tap fee indexing to ensure a current and positive cash flow to our city water and sewer systems, a Tap Fee Incentive Policy to encourage business and industry to locate in Union County, and a Sidewalk Replacement Program to help residents repair and replace damaged sidewalks. The experience has been very rewarding and I am proud to be part of a wonderful community.

One thing I have realized while on City Council is that many of the challenges facing a community today cannot be solved at the local level and are a direct result of decisions, or a lack of decisions, made in the Ohio Statehouse. As clear as that day I saw our future pharmacy, I knew in my heart this is a position I must seek. My motives are simple. We need to get our State back on track.

Ohio has a rich history and an amazing number of assets. Assets I believe we are incorrectly leveraging in a competitive world market. By focusing on job creation, education, and healthcare, I hope to create a flourishing economy which will keep our children in Ohio. My experience in healthcare and economic development can have a positive influence in our capitol. I also know education is a cornerstone to having any long-term plan succeed. I know the issues will be many and the challenges will be great. I am always strengthened by family and motivated by community. I can think of no better reason to run for elected office than people like you reading this now.

I believe our state can return to the economic prominence it once held by using its strongest asset - its people

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